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Fri, March 22, 2019 | Uncategorized

Why Move Your Body. Part 3 (with correct nutrition)


“The body will become better at whatever you do – or don’t do. You don’t move? The body will make you better at NOT moving, by locking the tissues together. If you move, the body will allow you more movement” – Ido Portal

Wow! What an amazing, insightful, tough & rather challenging but absolutely necessary 12 week program I have just completed. If you have been reading the previous blogs, you will know that I have been training under the watchful eye of Ido Portal’s movement culture coaching program. (If you haven’t, give them a read for more of an understanding). There has been plenty of sweat, plenty of failures, plenty of achy fatigued muscles and plenty of times I wanted to throw the towel in! But fear not.. I have stayed committed, pushed through and am now reaping the benefits. A more holistic, human approach to movement development.

A quick recap – The program consisted mainly of movement flow, hand balancing, calisthenics strength training and coordination/proprioception. I chose Ido because he seemed to knit several different principles together so fluidly. Before this, my past experience consisted of various different practices including yoga, boxing, calisthenics, pilates, strength & conditioning etc. I enjoy many aspects of personal development and felt that each discipline can in some way compliment the other. I like variety, therefore I chose movement as a whole.

What have I learned?
Isolation > Integration > Improvisation
One of the main lessons I have learned is the importance of regression! I now understand that each component, of each movement, is as important as the other. If you cant control the motion through certain ranges of movement, thats where you need to put in the work. Sounds simple right? But I too have often jumped the gun and tried to do certain tricks or skills which I am not ready for. This will only increase the chance of injury, instigate poor movement patterns and waste your time. It’s good to attempt hard things, but don’t base yourself there until you are competent. Deconstruct the movement pattern you wish to perform to its individual elements, analyse your ability in each position of that movement and then formulate a plan to increase the strength, mobility or awareness needed to execute that movement.

I have also learned how important nutrition is. I am vegan, and I had the mindset that as long as I was eating a “healthy balanced diet” I would be ok. I was wrong. I felt fatigued, tired and lacked strength and motivation. The thing is I didn’t realise this until I had the gift of hindsight.

Try this – think of your nose… before I said that I bet you weren’t aware of your nose… was it still there though? Thought so. We become so accustomed to how we are, we sometimes dont realise we’re depleted, tired or could be operating at a much higher level. So, I decided to see a nutritionist which was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. She assessed my diet, and we soon realised that I wasn’t even getting what my body actually needed without a vigorous training program. Since this meeting I have adapted my diet by way of supplementing with SF nutrition. I have been taking “SF BE VEGAN” dark chocolate protein (delicious and the best I’ve tried) & “SF BE COMPLETE” pineapple BCAA & electrolytes. If I didn’t I would struggle to get these essentials on a plant based diet – I now feel so much stronger, I am leaner, I have lots of energy and am really motivated to train whilst feeling a huge improvement in wellbeing!

SF nutrition is 100% natural, made in the U.K, is a high quality source of protein and tastes bloomin delicious.

What have I gained? The stats speak for themselves.
– Overall lean skeletal muscle mass increase of 4kg (the weight of 4 bags of sugar!)
– Overall percentage body fat loss of 7% (now classed as an athlete at 12.9%, I’ll take that!) – My first unassisted correct form 10 second handstand
– My first olympic ring muscle up
– Increased awareness and control of my body
All of this whilst focusing on learning new skills and increasing mobility. Not even trying to increase lean muscle mass or strip body fat. What could happen if this was the focus alongside the movement practice? Hmm…

Cue Movement Series… I’ve seen such a transformation in myself I would like to share this with you. I have decided to run a movement series for beginners which will start on April 2nd. It is an eight week course with the choice of one or two extended classes per week. This would be a great way to start your calisthenics journey and a perfect precursor for our calisthenics classes. You will not be dissapointed.

Head to the Starks fitness app or the news/events section on the website for more information. Any questions, please email

Coach Jamie-Lee Mound

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