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Wed, March 27, 2019 | Fitness

Why YOU should train at Starks Fitness

We’ve all been there, you’ve finally decided to sign-up to that gym membership you’ve been telling yourself to get for months, you turn up for your first session and are immediately struck by a very real feeling that you have very little idea what you’re doing or even where to start!

You could get a personal trainer to help ease you in but £40 a session is a lot and you’re relying primarily on that one person knowing enough about what you want to actually help you.

It can be terrifying and a lot of people will give-up quickly due to the anxiety inducing stress of it all…but there’s good news! We’re here to change all of that.

Starks fitness started out as a bespoke personal training centre that focused on offering top of the range equipment and knowledgeable coaches with a vast range of experience. Business was good and the clients loved the service, but we knew we could do more…and we did.

Last year our temple quay site opened its doors to the public as a flagship store for the founder James Starks vision of bringing bespoke, comprehensive and (most importantly) affordable, personal training to the masses.

“We strive to provide a world class training service supplemented with educational support, a strong sense of community and elite facilities to help our members attain and surpass their health, fitness and wellbeing goals”

James Stark, Founding director of Starks Fitness

The model of starks fitness is built around our premium small group personal training (Squad PT) product. Programmed by current head coach Alex Quinn, the Squad PT uses science backed training models to create a comprehensive bespoke program that is as much centred around executing perfect form as it is at inducing fat loss or strength gains.

“Squad PT is designed to improve full body strength, mobility and fitness. The focus is always on technique first ensuring our clients learn how to use and control their bodies in a safe and progressive way. The small group size ensures a personalised approach with the motivational benefits of group training.”

Alex Quinn, Head coach at TQ gym

The program is built around a 3-day week and covers all aspects of fitness needed to keep you strong and healthy. This is reflected in our starts fitness ‘client standards’ that run from level 1 to level 4. Level 1 is what we refer to as the ‘health’ standard which is based on scientific evidence for a minimum standard of fitness to be considered ‘healthy’. Levels 2-4 build on the foundations of level 1 and act as motivational targets for our clients to always progress and get better.

“Goals are important to have when you are trying to get better in the gym, otherwise you get lose in going through the motions. The standards were created as a way to both give clients validation of how far they have come and to help them focus on where they want to get to.”

Matthew Watson, Head of Community and creator of the client standards

Once clients reach level 3 they are invited into the Squad MAX, which is our advanced version of Squad PT and is our way of always giving our clients opportunities to keep getting better in different ways. The program follows more advanced training planning strategies and higher complexity lifts.

As well as the Squad PT, we also offer a range of alternative (Team) classes that cover a wide range of training modalities. From calisthenics to HIIT and Strong 101 to primal shred, these team classes offer our members not just an alternative product to the Squad PT but also an avenue to learning different skills and a way to add variation to their training week.

With memberships allowing for any combination of Squad and Team products, there is something for everyone at Starks and our members can tailor their products to their individual goals.

In addition to these training products, here at Starks Fitness, we pride ourselves on the community that we create within the gym. We want every member to feel part of the Starks fitness family. That is why we have a dedicated member’s only Facebook page to share anything from our personal bests to what we had for dinner so that everyone can get involved and encouraged to keep pushing. On top of this we recently launched a house system that splits the SF community into micro communities and adds a fun competitive element to the gym. Each month we run house challenges where each house competes to be the best, with members putting everything in to support their fellow house members.

“Hearing endless inspiring fitness journeys from all our members have massively motivated me and have also convinced myself to fully immerse into the awesome SF community! I’ve met a lot of amazing people through the gym and cannot believe that I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life!”

Cherine Ormerod, SF marketing manager and head of branding

The second reason we created the house system is that we don’t want anyone to get left behind in our gym. Sometimes with so many people in a community it is very easy for some people to get forgotten if they are not the most vocal. With a dedicated house captain for each house, every member has someone they are both accountable to and someone they can lean on for nutritional or fitness support. The coaches also use their vast knowledge and experience to put out informational video seminars for their house members to encourage them to keep evolving their approach to fitness and help develop a real passion for it.

“Starks Fitness was developed to not just take the bespoke planning and assessment of 1-2-1 PT into a small group training model but also to further our vision of creating adaptable and independent clients who will eventually be capable of training themselves to the same standard! Therefore we recruit our coaches very carefully, considering their personability as well as professional competence, while also trying to achieve a balance of different specialties (Movement, Sport Conditioning and Fat Loss are some examples) so we can transfer their collective knowledge to our clientele, empowering them in their fitness journey.

Tommy Owen, SF TQ general manager and #HouseSpartans Captain.

Overall, what you get when you come to Starks Fitness is so much more than what you get anywhere else. Our members have access to world class coaches with a huge variety of backgrounds to learn off and lean on for support. Our members get access to scientifically backed bespoke programming as well as a large range of niche exercise classes covering beginner to advanced skill level. Our members get access to top range body scanning equipment and 24/7 nutritional and training support from hugely knowledgable coaches. Our members get to be part of a buzzing community, make friends for life and enjoy every workout pushing each other to the limit to become fitter, happier people!

So what are you waiting for! We’ve even got a FREE week pass for all our new members!

Easiest way to sign up to our FREE WEEK PASS (you are entitled to a maximum of 3 Squad PT sessions and unlimited Team+ classes for the whole week):

  • Download our SF app, click on the left hand side menu tab and you will see ‘Free Week Pass’
  • Click on a session you’d like to join
  • Create an account and enjoy your sessions with us!

  • Click on the button that says ‘Free Week Pass’ on this page
  • Create an account
  • Download our SF app to book your sessions and enjoy!

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