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"Everybody's cheering each other on and everyone's on their own journey."

I've been using Starks Fitness gym for just over a month. Initially, I found it really tough - the classes were really intense and high energy but I very quickly overcame it.

The thing I really like about Starks is that they really look at your form, they really helped me avoid injury, and to really understand how to use my muscles and to work them better - that's been the most beneficial thing for me. Now that my form has gotten better, I'm able to lift heavier weights, to move quicker, and I'm definitely getting stronger.

There's a bit of friendly competition but equally you're training in groups of six, everybody's cheering each other on and everyone's on their own journey. So don't feel bad if you're a bit slower here or not as good at something there. It's a really nice place to come and simply have some fun!


"The workouts are created and structured for me, the people you meet are super nice, and it's a proper community feel"

I've been coming to Starks for about 6 weeks now. I've recently moved from the north of England down to Bristol but didn't know anyone at all, so wanted to join a gym that I could socialise and meet new people.

There are various reasons why I love Starks - the workouts are created and structured for me, the people you meet are super nice, and it's a proper community feel.

The first time you come through the door, it can be quite intimidating with all the state-of-the-art equipment, but once you get in there, everyone's super nice. So come and give it a go, you won't regret it!


"It's absolutely amazing to have so much guidance on what I'm doing"

The gym is a one of the places where I've always been intimidated by, however, this has totally changed since I've joined Starks Fitness!

Everybody is really friendly, both staff and members and it's just really good fun. Lots of guidance on form, you get pushed and challenged in every single class, and most importantly, you're never left to your own devices which I found, really works for me!


"New Year, New YOU!"

We're on ITV West Country News!

What is your New Year's resolution?


I’ve been training with James for 4 years and at Starks Fitness since it opened 2 years ago. I’m so much stronger and leaner than I used to be and can now do several chin ups! I love mobility and enjoy calisthenics, learning how to handstand in particular. I’ve learnt so many new skills in the last few years, it’s been amazing. The whole set up of the gym is just fantastic and all the trainers are so friendly. You don’t feel that you shouldn’t be here at all. It’s great because you get to know the other members too, and you see what they’re doing whilst motivating each other. I’ve been a member of other gyms before and never used it, but Starks Fitness is well-worth the time and money.


"Since joining, my body fat percentage has dropped by 10% from 25% to 15%"

I've been coming to Starks for about 6 weeks. Absolutely lovin' it. Since joining, my body fat percentage has dropped by 10% - from 25% to 15%. It's not intimidating at all. There's people of all strengths, weakness, shapes, sizes. It's really helpful having a squad mentality. Loads of people egging you on for you to push yourself and go further!

The coaches aren't intimidating, they have a very comprehensive knowledge. I enjoy having a coffee with people afterwards - the Saturday brunch club is really good fun. Lots of banter. I'm feeling a lot more alert, awake, sleeping better. My posture is much better which is great for me at work because I sit at a desk everyday.

I enjoy and look forward to coming here. I don't have to worry about organising my training plans, thinking about what I've got to do at the gym. I show up, everything's laid out, everything's ready for me, and a good session I know is on the horizon each time. If you haven't tried it out yet, come and check it out down here!


"Starks Fitness has everything I wanted"

I was in Bristol for ages trying to find a gym with good body composition analysis and also one that understands how to protect myself from injury. And then I found Starks Fitness which has Calisthenics, High Intensity Interval Training and pretty much everything that I wanted and I haven't been disappointed at all.


"It’s the best I’ve ever felt"

I lost 8.6kg of body fat in the first 4 and a half weeks, gained 3kg of muscle mass, dropped from 27% to 16% body fat and it’s the best I’ve ever felt.


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