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SF Retreat Portugal

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Next Retreat 11th - 16th July 2019

There's only few spots left in our SF Retreat in July. Make sure you save your spot now!

Future dates:
Sept 2019 TBC
Oct 2019 TBC

Your Ultimate Holiday Experience.

Stressed out, worn out, burned out or simply looking to truly boost your health, fitness & wellbeing?

This is a break that will offer a multitude of benefits. It combines a great blend of interesting & varied fitness options, indulging in super healthy & delicious food, being within a community of like-minded people, and most importantly (to us), enjoying refreshing cocktails by the pool!

If you’re looking for an ultimate luxury holiday to reduce stress, uplift your health and wellbeing, stay in a beautiful remote location and also get involved in lots of varied training, then the SF Retreat will be absolutely perfect for you!

What to expect.

As you disappear into the peaceful remote Portuguese countryside, the sun is shining in the centre of a clear blue sky, quiet country lanes guide you to our paradise with only the sounds of the birds singing and a slight warm breeze filtering through the trees.

It features a bespoke farmhouse, perfectly designed and equipped with a massive studio space, machines and free weights. Beyond that, there is a river, beautiful infinity pool surrounded by daybeds, outdoor sofas in pretty shaded ares and a large hammock for you to sip your cocktails and relax in. Not to mention, all our meals are fresh, locally sourced (most are from the farm on-site!) and specially designed to cater for all dietary requirements.

This signature retreat is the perfect getaway for anyone. We promise you will return to everyday life with renewed focus, energy, and a positive outlook on everything you do!

A Typical #SFRetreat day.

Cold Water Exposure / Meditation: 6:30-07:30

Morning Walk & Mobilise: 07:30-08:30

Breakfast: 08:30-09:45

Seminar 1 (nutrition): 09:15-09:45

Relax / Pool / Bathe: 09:45-10:30

Train 1 (strength): 10:30-12:00

Downtime: 12:00-13:00

Lunch: 13:00-14:00

Seminar 2 (meditation): 14:00-14:30

Train 2 (bodyweight & movement): 14:30-16:00

Downtime (relax, pool… anything): 16:00-17:00

Evening Move: 17:00-18:30

Dinner: 19:30

Yin Yoga: 21:00-21:45

This is only an example of how a typical day would look like and also we want to emphasise that everything is optional and you can participate as much and as little as you wish.

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