Personal Training

Personal Training

Dave Marsh

Personal Coach - Harbourside

This is the space where I’m supposed to tell you about my qualifications, how long I’ve been in the fitness industry and how long I’ve been a trainer etc. But let’s not pretend that getting a personal training qualification makes you an expert on anything, which by the way you can get in 6 weeks online these days…

So, here’s my real bio and my story.

Throughout my childhood I was an overweight kid, I didn’t exercise, I ate too much and I played in a brass band, yes I was a band geek and computer nerd.

So, what changed?

When starting secondary school, I started to play rugby and I found my calling. I channeled my energy into a contact sport, leading me to represent the South West of England and was involved in the Gloucester Rugby academy. With a desire to perform better, I started to look at my training and nutrition, joining a local gym to work on my fitness and performance.

I loved training and wanted to get the best out of it so I started reading Men’s health, finding articles online and naturally being a teenager believed everything I was reading. I started practicing knowledge that I’d learnt in the gym such as trying multiple training techniques, FAD diets to get abs and all sorts of recommended supplements that you could buy which promised you ‘amazing results’.

After picking up an injury through a shoulder dislocation which prevented my pursuit in Rugby as a career, I decided to follow my passion for training and undertake my personal training qualifications.

I came to learn a lot of the advice and so called ‘research’ I was reading wasn’t exactly from reliable sources and in fact most ‘fitness’ gurus, whose income depended on me buying their latest supplement or training plan, wasn’t exactly optimal.

I sought after some reliable sources to further my education, investing in ‘Lift The Bar’ a personal training education company which provided evidence based research from trusted sources. I dived headfirst into self-development to better myself as a coach, investing time and money into attending seminars, applying my knowledge to my own training and also my clients.

Having now been in the fitness industry for 6 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients helping them to achieve a variety of results for different things, whilst continuing to develop myself as a coach.  I’ve coached a team GB equestrian rider, Tri-athletes and taken Meningitis patients from an immobile state to having full balance, mobility and strength. I also prepped myself and partner for a national men’s physique and female bikini competition with Jess placing first in her second show.

I’ll be joining the team at Starks offering 1-1 and online coaching with a look to help many more achieve exceptional results whatever their goal may be.

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