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Personal Training

Ashleigh Sewell

Personal Coach - Temple Quay

I work with my clients to help them reach and sustain their health and fitness goals by understanding their personal needs and helping them to maintain a balanced approach in all aspects of their life. I am passionate about creating bespoke and realistic training regimes tailored to every aspect of my clients lives with a focus on technique, flexibility and range of movement, oh and fun! Whilst also providing nutritional support and advice.

My mission is to spread the message of improving your health through commitment, consistency and patience and to ultimately create the best version of yourself.

All good things take time and our bodies are with us for the long haul so show it some love! 

My expertise lies in strength training, functional fitness, pre & post-natal training and Hiit training.

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Personal Goals

My personal goals are to achieve a 100kg deadlift, to get back into front & box splits My biggest and proudest achievement has to be a 12,000ft sky dive over Lake Wanaka in New Zealand, an experience I will never forget and would recommend to everyone! My go to pre or post workout meal would have to be overnight oats with SF Nutrition vegan vanilla protein, (I promise this isn’t a plug) It hits the spot every time!  It’s actually pretty rare not to see one of the coaches walking around with a tupperware box full of protein oats at any point during the day!

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