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With years of extensive knowledge around training and nutrition, our coaches at Starks Fitness will create a completely bespoke programme to ensure maximum results.

After choosing which package is best suited to your personal goals (see below), we’ll arrange a consultation (phone or in-person), devise a plan, and then allocate a coach who specialises in that area.

You can opt to train with your coach 1-3 times per week and have full access to our class timetable. All sessions are 50 mins and comprise a specific programme based on your needs and goals.

Want to work out with a friend or your partner? This is a great way to keep costs down, share each other’s accountability AND have extra fun whilst you train. Our 2-to-1 packages work the exact same way as a 1-to-1 package with individual nutrition and training plans but you’ll both share your session with one another.

(NB – both individuals goals should be similar so the coach can provide a session that can be delivered simultaneously. Feel free to contact our team for more info).

Packages start from £239/month & include a full nutrition consultation and plan

Lean Package

Fat loss, for good! Start your journey today to transform your body and mind with fat loss strategies that have been tried and tested over and over! Learn to train with intensity and purpose to burn away the pounds leaving a sculpted and leaner you!

Move Package

We combine the holistic approach to training with strength to unleash your body’s primal potential to move pain free with ease, have confidence in your body, learn new skills and have lots of fun during the process.

Muscle Package

There are many benefits to adding muscle like improved ability for weight control, a stronger more stable body as well as giving you a new confidence in a physique you can be proud of.

The SF muscle building system is designed to push you beyond your current limitations so prepare to push yourself and unlock new potentials of lean muscle mass gains!

Female Stength Package

It’s time to embrace the society whereby women rightfully hold their own on the gym floor. Work alongside our coaches and learn the foundations of strength training whilst reaping the benefits of lifting. Accompany your training with the correct fuel and we guarantee you’ll unleash the best version of you!


Partner Up Package

Share your journey with a partner and benefit from double the accountability, for a fraction of the price! Training alongside someone else is the perfect way to motivate one another and keep your eyes on the goals at hand. Build the foundations for a fit and healthy lifestyle but have fun whilst you do it!

Over 50’s

It is never too late to get started with your fitness journey. At Starks, we focus on strength training to promote optimum bone density, mobility and to create an enhanced daily lifestyle. We believe everyone should aim to build the best version of themselves for longevity, mental and physical health – looking good is just a bonus!



Temple Quay

Transformation by Coach Dom Oddy // Amazing efforts to Annette for roughly losing 14% of body fat in just 12 weeks with our Lean PT Package!


Temple Quay

Transformation by Coach Tommy Owen // SUPER well done to Alex Beresford for grinding through our Muscle PT Package for 6 weeks to get himself “beach ready”!



Coached by Coach Dom Oddy // Top effort from Liam who dropped some bodyfat super speedy ready for his holz.


Temple Quay

Coached by Coach Nicole // Well deserve recognition to Adam for grinding through our Muscle PT Package for 6 months achieving such great results ! Keep up the good work!



Coached by Coach Nichol Smith // Absolutely amazing job to one of Nichol's clients for grinding through our Lean PT Package for 3 months achieving such a great transformation!




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