What is SF90?

SF90 is a 90 day fat loss programme, tailored to your personal requirements because one size fits all diets don't work. Your tailored plan is designed to help you burn fat, feel better and create lasting positive lifestyle change. SF90 fat loss programme is suitable for men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes and at any fitness level.


Phase One - Elimination & Detoxification

Like our SF30, during phase 1 you will eliminate certain foods and beverages from your diet which will later be reintroduced to reveal food intolerances.

You will also eliminate inflammatory foods and known toxins which will improve your general health and aid with fat loss.


Phase Two - Tailored fat loss

Phase 2 includes a comprehensive tailored nutrition plan including your total calorie requirements, ideal macronutrient split and specific foods that you should include and avoid. Consuming too much of a particular macronutrient can be detrimental to health so it’s important that we get the right ratio for each individual.


Phase Three - Lifestyle

Phase 3 focuses on making your plan sustainable for your lifestyle going forwards so you will receive guidance on how to navigate social situations, eating out and even choosing the best takeaways. By this point you will know if you have any food intolerances and will have a greater understanding of how certain foods make you feel and affect your ability to exercise.



5% of your membership is donated to Teenage Cancer Trust every month.

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