What is SF30?

SF30 is designed to eliminate food cravings, enhance energy, support healthy weight loss and boost your immune system! By the end of the 30 days you can expect to be leaner, less bloated and have a much better understanding of the foods that serve you well.


Food Elimination

During SF30 you will remove certain foods from your diet. This will help you to identify whether you are sensitive to particular foods, or if you have a food intolerance. Removing foods that create inflammation gives your liver the chance to do it’s job properly and effectively eliminate toxins from your body.


Meet Your Nutritionist

Rosie Letts’ passion is helping people like you wave bye-bye to digestive problems, achieve effortless weight loss and rebalance their hormones by establishing a healthy and rewarding relationship with food and your body. Rosie provides a straight-talking, no frills, no nonsense approach to nutrition.


Workouts & Training

You will receive 2 training programs to complete up to 4 times per week which will help increase the speed of your weight loss during the 30 days. These programs can be completed at home or in the gym and will require you bodyweight only.


SF HIIT45 Membership

5% of your membership is donated to Teenage Cancer Trust every month.

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