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Tue, May 12, 2020

How do resistance bands work?

We recently were asked the question by Glamour  How do resistance bands work?

The lightweight, compact piece of gym kit that has a lot to offer where free weights and machines are no use offering you a strength training tool you can take anywhere at a very affordable cost which if used correctly can mimic lots of regular gym movements.

Elastic resistance bands provide external tension which your muscles have to contract against (meaning more muscle used), the greater the stretch the greater the tension.

Bands do have certain limitations, for example, there is only so much resistance each band can offer so if you are a serious lifter it would they may not provide you enough of a challenge to progress but it will offer enough to help maintain your gains.

Why not try these exercises for your glutes thighs and arms

Glutes/thigh superset

Single leg hip thrust

  • Start with feet hip-width apart, lying on your back with one foot off the floor
  • place the band over your hips and pass the loops under your hands creating tension
  • Drive your heel down into the ground 
- Raise your hips up ensuring you squeeze your glutes and drawing your belly button in and hold for 1 second
  • Lower your hips until just off the floor and repeat

Shrimp squat

  • Have a chair in front of you forbearance support
  • Anchor your band low down and to something stable
  • Place the loop band high upper thigh into your groin area of the working leg
  • Perform a single leg squat driving your leg backwards and bending at your hip (challenging your glutes)
  • Focus on pushing your foot down into the floor and squeezing your glute (bum) driving hips forward against the band tension
  • Use the chair as support

Tricep extension

  • Anchor your band low down and to something stable
  • Stand back with the band in front of your working arm
  • Bend at your hips keeping a neutral spine
  • Brace free hand on your thigh to stabilise you
  • Pull the band back, until your elbow is by your side (your upper arm will stay fixed in this position)
  • Lock your elbow out fully and return to the start position
  • Repeat on the other side

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