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Thu, January 3, 2019 | Fitness

Why Move Your Body?



The current chapter of my evolution is movement; so what better person to be mentored by than Ido Portal! If you haven’t heard of him or his movement culture – I highly recommend you check him out. His ethos around human movement and how we can use our bodies to its full potential is inspirational to say the least. I have just started a 12 week program with him and his team, and I am going to be documenting my journey with you. I have committed to 3 hours of movement per day, 6 days a week… Woohoo!

For me, this is essential in my growth as a coach. His commitment, discipline and sheer ability to own and move his body in wonderful ways is exceptional. I have spent the last few years experimenting with movement and now its time for an upgrade.

The last 13 years of my training practice have felt like an exploratory period leading up to this decision. I have dabbled with body building, strength training, circuits, HIIT, boxing, pilates, yoga, barre, calisthenics, primal flow, functional fitness, expressive movement… I have reached the conclusion, that I enjoy mixing it up to ensure that I am engaged, I am balanced and I am having fun. Important for well being.

Although in the past my muscles looked aesthetically pleasing, they weren’t optimally functional. In my early days I couldn’t even touch my toes because I was too jacked and didn’t focus on flexibility and mobility. I then caused myself many injuries by going hell for leather on the punch bag or smashing out countless burpees. I decided to focus on yoga and got extremely flexible, but guess what… I lacked strength. I am extremely thankful of this journey as I have learned so much.

Why Ido Portal?

I enjoy a variety of practices and training techniques and this keeps me inspired. Ido’s movement culture focuses on many aspects. Body weight and gymnastic oriented strength and conditioning, co-ordination, equilibrium (hand balancing etc), ground movement, acrobatics, locomotion, mobility, rhythm work, strength and object manipulation to name a few. His background is in Capoeira, and he has years of research in various fields – martial arts, gymnastics, movement systems, dance, breathing and other sports and artistic expressions of movement. Correct technique, avoiding injury and PLAY is paramount in his teachings. I couldn’t agree more.

How can I help?

With the help of the internet, we now have limitless access to various different training techniques, practices, principles and methods which we can stitch together to obtain a more balanced training regime which incorporates the full body and all its potential. The trouble I have found is that many people, including me, lack accountability. It’s all there waiting to be mastered, but many struggle to commit. Thats why I have joined this program and I add accountability to my commitments. When you are accountable, you get it done!

You don’t have to commit to 3 hours per day like me, lets face it, I’m in the gym most of my life! What I can offer though is my knowledge and experience and then incorporate this into a bespoke personal program to suit your specific goals in a more digestible program. Weight loss, strength, muscle hypertrophy, flexibility, mobility and all the above can be achieved with a well balanced movement practice. Just check out how good Ido looks!

Get in touch if this resonates with you, and please – ask me anything! I’m more than happy to help you on your journey. I will be keeping you in the loop during this program and I look forward to sharing the work with you.

Coach Jamie-Lee Mound

“Live life dynamically. MOVE. MORE.”

– Ido

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