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Wed, July 31, 2019 | Uncategorized

Fat Loss Journey

A blog on fat loss from the videographer? must be a slow month, right?

Well it is actually super busy here at Starks coming off the back of an amazingly successful SF Retreat! Which, by the way, you should go book onto right now (October dates are open), like right now, I’ll wait. 

Cool, now that that’s sorted on to the blog!

Why am I writing a blog for Starks? Some of you may not know that I am actually a qualified coach, but that isn’t the reason I’m writing this. A lot of you may have joined the incredible SF community because one of your primary goals is weight loss, in particular fat loss, and I have walked that walk. So today I want to pass on some of the top things that helped me through what was a long and often painstaking journey.

At my heaviest (that I know) I weighed in at 245lbs/111kg.17.5 stone and I failed to lose the weight more times than I can count. BUT…I didn’t give up, I kept going and I managed to fight my way down to 210lbs. 

The journey didn’t stop there though. For a while I hit a roadblock and was stuck in place, that was until I met the SF team. 

With the help and guidance of their top transformation coach Tommy Owen, I went from 210lbs all the way down to 155lbs! My next goal is to step on stage as a bodybuilding competitor to complete my journey. But for now, here are some of my top tips from my own journey that can hopefully go some way you help you with your fat loss journey.



  • Be firm with friends and family


Friends and families can be supportive, but often only to a point. I found that as much as people said they supported my journey; at times they became a stumbling block. Whether it was getting annoyed that I didn’t want some of the pizza or cake they were offering, or that they were binging right in front of me. Often, I got told that I didn’t need to lose any more weight or that I was getting ‘too thin’. In reality I was still around 200lbs and overweight and unhealthy but sometimes when people are used to you being a certain way, drastic change is hard to accept. 

You need to tell your friends, family and close ones that this is your journey and be firm with them. You don’t need to isolate yourself or be too strict, make sure you have fun and be open to their point of view. You still need to socialise, but it doesn’t have to turn into 5 beers and pizza. Eventually they’ll understand and sometimes, they may even ask for your advice on how they can lose some weight.



  • Don’t change it all at once 


Whenever I started and stopped my own journey one of my main failings upon restarting was changing everything at once. I went from eating everything and not moving to trying to eat nothing and moving all the time. Weirdly, that didn’t work…

Make small changes, use fitness trackers like myfitnesspal to improve your understanding of what you are eating, reduce your calories by a small amount and slowly introduce more movement. The goal isn’t rapid loss, it’s a sustainable lifestyle change for health. The big thing to remember (and something I am very thankful to Tommy for teaching me) is that if the weight I going down, you don’t need to change anything. When the weight loss stops, re-evaluate and go again!



  • Be honest 


Another huge one is honesty. Be honest with yourself and with your coach or house captain or whoever is supporting you in your journey. Tell them when you’ve been off track or haven’t trained or if your body feels tired and need recovery. 

Sometimes I’d wake up feeling exhausted, tired and after speaking to Tommy, we’d adapt the days training plans from intense weight session to stretching and maybe some light yoga, and the weight would still fall off. Be honest with what you eat and when you train, don’t hide anything and see better results.



  • Weekend not Weakend


A client of mine recently was getting frustrated that her weight loss was stalling and she couldn’t figure out why. So, I got her to add her weekly calories up and divide by 7. Weirdly this came out as her being 200 calories over daily. This was purely down to her weekend habits, she was eating really well during the week and then overeating Friday, Saturday, Sunday. 

With that new knowledge, we adjusted and now the weight is falling again. I was also victim to this mindset, mostly because all the fitness vloggers on Instagram that I followed seemed to promote this and were staying super lean in doing so. However, you need to remember that what you see on Instagram is only a snapshot and we often don’t see the little adjustments they make to account for their amazing looking cheat meals. In my case, one cheat day was wiping out my weekly deficit and putting me in a surplus, so be very mindful that you aren’t damaging your weight loss plan with your weekend decisions.


Good luck on your journey and feel free to hit me up if you have any questions or just want advice!


Harry Dempster

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