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Squad Sessions

Temple Quay

This is our unique approach to a semi-private personal training session with only a maximum of 6 people. They are professionally programmed by our head coaches in a monthly cycle. They are structured so that it’s a full body workout with a weekly focus on pull, push, hinge and squat. You will learn proper form & technique through weight training, body weight work and enjoy new exercises constantly that never gets boring or repetitive.


Temple Quay

This is a technique driven class that will involve shadow-boxing, plyometrics, and pad work. It is a full-body workout that delivers a high calorie burn and will improve your fitness level and muscle tone!

Squad MAX

Temple Quay

SquadMax is a step-up in intensity from our SquadPT session. The program is focused primarily on strength development with a goal to master the basics whilst also being exposed to advanced techniques and exercises. Be prepared to be challenged and for your body to know it’s being put to the test!

Empower Yoga

Temple Quay

A morning power flow is a perfect way to start off your day. You’ll be taken through creative sequences, exploring balances, inversions, and backbends using conscious breathing. The sequences are designed to open up the body and release tension, leaving you feeling fresh, rejuvenated and strong.

Gun Club

Temple Quay

Expect a combination of old-school arm pump that focuses on stimulating muscle fibres in different positions to unlock your potential of your upper quarters. The main focus would be a complete muscular exhaustion on your shoulders and arms that are guaranteed to have you seeing results in no time from your huge efforts. Let the pump begin!!

Iron Core

Temple Quay

Have you heard the expression, “you can’t fire a canon from a canoe”? Without having a stable core, you would perform less efficiently with the fundamental lifts (squats, bench press, deadlifts…etc). In Iron Core, we’re going to teach you how to isolate key areas of the trunk, as well as integrating them with the ‘Breath and Brace’ technique to solidify your core.


Temple Quay

This will be a full body workout and will challenge the shoulder, core and hip stability. Perfect for getting in shape, generating power and long-term injury prevention!

Glute Club

Temple Quay

Want to firm up your bums and legs? This class targets mainly on your glute muscles and thighs – isolating each body part helps to develop tone, definition and the figure you’ve always craved. Be prepared to work real hard and expect to have super wobbly legs afterwards!


Harbourside, Temple Quay

If you’re short on time, High Intensity Interval Training is the best class for you. It involves simple yet intense exercises mixed with short rest intervals. They are an ideal way to burn calories and fat whilst pushing yourself to new fitness levels! It is designed to make you leaner, feel fitter, help shred fat and revitalise you.

Primal Shred

Temple Quay

This is a higher intensity class that will typically begin with movement to relearn basic, natural human locomotion. Later on in the session, there will be progressions to body weight strength exercises and higher tempo conditioning movements. When carried out on a regular basis, this class will help you to gain additional flexibility, build core strength and promote movement confidence and competence.

Strong 101

Temple Quay

Have you ever dreamt of wanting to be the world’s strongest men and women? Well, you can! Strong 101 is a super fun and high intensity class that will increase your strength and you get to workout in a completely different way! This is where you will push sledges, carry sand bags and kettlebells, slamming battle ropes and heavy balls… and much more! Definitely worth mixing up your training with this class!

Beginner’s Calisthenics

Temple Quay

If you are not confident enough to kick up into a full handstand, then this new beginner’s calisthenics class is perfect for you. In this class, you will utilise your body weight to perform certain movements and isometric holds which will help you to build towards the foundations of balancing on your hands and using the Olympic rings in the future!


Temple Quay

From the Greek term for “beautiful strength”, Calisthenics is all about mastering your body and bodyweight without the use of gym equipment! Our chief ‘monkey’ Quinny will help you work towards amazing moves like push ups, muscle ups, levers, handstands, planches and human flags.

Advanced Calisthenics

Temple Quay

The aim of this class is looking at advanced handstand shapes, harder gymnastic rings exercises, and working on more challenging progressions.

Mobilise Me

Harbourside, Temple Quay

Feeling really stiff and in need of a good ol’ stretch? This class focuses on improving your mobility, posture, breathing, balance and coordination. It utilises different yoga stretching techniques and poses with enhanced controlled movements. You will become stronger, learn how to reduce tension, move with more ease!

Stabilise Me

Harbourside, Temple Quay

This is a lower intensity class that focuses on stability. You will uncover your core’s capabilities and our coaches will teach you how to set up a foundation of strength. You will enjoy a combination of core-stability movements and plenty of breathing exercises to increase your overall awareness and knowledge of your muscles from the inside and out.

Run Starks (Summer Months)

Temple Quay

This is a 90 mins coached running workshop – focusing on improving running speed, endurance and ability. 45 mins strength and conditioning on the gym floor, 45 mins circuit running with coach.

Olympic Lifting 101

Temple Quay

It is a new, exciting and fun class for all ages and fitness levels. The aim of this class is to coach the fundamentals of olympic lifting from beginner level to advanced. In each class you will learn different skills and techniques, that will enable you to be become proficient in olympic lifting. You will get stronger, faster, fitter and master the barbell exercises.

Transform Session

Temple Quay

One to one personal training with your dedicated TRANSFORM coach for 1 hour working on your specific goals and giving you the opportunity to accelerate your progress.

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