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Daily Mobility is the Key

Our busy, stressed lives can sometimes take a hold and allow us to forget the most important thing we are and will ever be gifted with, our body!

What does mobility mean? The ability to move a joint freely without any stress on the body.

For most, the fast paced world we live in today usually consists of being seated in front of laptop screen, behind the wheel of a car, sat on public transport and/or staring down at the powerful little device in our hand’s - in my head I think, flexed spine, tight hip flexors, short/weak hamstrings, internally rotated shoulders, weak spinal extensors, strained levator scapular/upper traps, and the list goes on…

These are all potentially facilitated issues that can occur from being in the “modern day” seated position and if not addressed properly or even not at all, the result is a dysfunctional, weak body with poor movement patterns which believe me isn't great!

The good news is, as I mentioned, this can be addressed and can be done so by spending just 10/15mins per day of focused effort performing a series of mobility exercises, which we teach our clients at Starks Fitness every single day. We teach a flow that ensures all joints are mobilised from toes, to head, to wrists which not only keeps the joints “active” and happy, the benefits are endless such as increased blood flow to ligaments and tendons (which have a milted blow flow supply anyway), increased synovial fluid in the joints (lubrication), work muscles surrounding individual joint, riddance of general aches and pains, improved movement capacity and education on your own body…

In my experience as a coach over the last 7 years, I have found that performing mobility drills on a daily basis in smaller bouts as opposed to spending 1-2 longer sessions per week are far more beneficial to the gym’s and my clients - little and often is the winner! (which also suits a busy lifestyle)

I’ve listed 5 key mobility exercises to get the ball rolling, these won’t hit all of the joints but it will certainly be a step in the right direction if you perform them daily and correctly:

  1. Ankles (10 x circles each way - planter/dorsi flexion - in/eversion)
  2. Pigeon stretch (10 deep breaths each side)
  3. Lunge Complex (10 breaths in each position)
  4. Cat/camels (10 x on breathing)
  5. Shoulder EDPR (10 x each - elevation/depression & protraction/retraction)

1-5 = 1 round (aim for 2 rounds daily)

Good luck and remember little and often trumps all!

James Stark


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