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6 Reasons You Should Train With Kettlebells

  1. They’re time efficient! Once you’ve got a few of the basic technique points nailed you can get a great workout done in around 10 minutes!
  2. They’re portable! This makes kettlebells the perfect travel companion if you spend a lot of time travelling for work. Couple this with no.1 and you’ve got a great tool for the on the go business person who wants to get in awesome shape.
  3. They’re versatile! You only need one or two kettlebells and you can train a number of different physical traits, be it strength, endurance, power or whether you’re looking to shed a few pounds or bulk up, kettlebells can be part of the route to get you there.
  4. They train your GO muscles! Few training methodologies target your ‘posterior chain’ the way kettlebells do. All the way from your back, through the powerful muscles of your glutes and hamstrings, these are the muscles you don’t see in the mirror but are responsible for all the powerful athletic endeavours you can think of; sprinting, jumping, punching, tackling, you name it they all require some serious power in your posterior chain!
  5. They counteract all the time you spent sitting! It’s a fact that most of us spend far too long sitting down every day. This does nothing for our posture and long term health. Thankfully kettlebells are the perfect antidote to all that time spent slumping at a desk. Learn how to use kettlebells properly and you’ll be doing yourself a massive favour in the long run!
  6. They get you in insane shape! Kettlebell workouts are typically short, sharp and fun! This makes them a superb addition to your routine if you’re looking to shed a few pounds for summer!

Dave Lees


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